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      Welcome to visit the Shanghai taolin machinery co., LTD.!
      Tel: +86 156 1885 5560   E-mail:tang21980886@sina.com 中文
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      Tang Shiqing +86 156 1885 5560

      Wu Dingsheng +86 139 0188 1489

      Add:Shanghai fengxian occurrence of town cheng pu road 216

      Shanghai towers Lin machinery co., LTD. Was founded in 2012. Is a collection research and development production and sales in the integration of dairy products low temperature high-speed intelligent filling equipment manufacturers, the company introduces Germany, Japan, roof bag filling machine, plastic cup of PET bottle filling machine, filling machine and a full set of technology. Real investment of 88 million yuan, the company covers an area of 13800 square meters, has a modern assembly workshop; Research and development center; The training center; Operations center; Infrastructure, etc., nearly 20000 square meters, also in December 2013 passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification.

      The company always adhere to the "good faith management, customer service, people-oriented, create its own brand" principle. Based on the independent innovation and brand development, has higher comprehensive development ability and perfect quality assurance system and after-sales service. Products sell well all over the country and southeast Asia, the Middle East, etc., and with the domestic several well-known D20 milk enterprise strategic cooperation and product development, including customers, Ken in bright dairy, sanyuan food, animal husbandry, mengniu dairy, new hope group, yan tong dairy, popular, yinqiao dairy milk, milk, zhengda group d remember, jun to extreme dairy, guideposts dairy, huang's group, gaea gem dairy era, west husbandry dairy, dairy, etc., favored by the majority of users!

      In 10 years accumulate through technological innovation, market development and brand, the company has developed into a domestic leading low temperature filling equipment manufacturing enterprises. In 2020 established a strategic partnership with Japan, Singapore and product development partnership. In the future we will continue to listen to customer needs, innovation, and constantly explore new trend of the technology of low temperature filling equipment, invest more in technology research and development, with competitive products to provide better service for the customer, meet the needs of the masses of users.

      Shanghai towers Lin machinery co., LTD., warmly welcome new and old customer presence.