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      T12 type roof box filling machine high speed of up to 14000 boxes per hour

      Features:Towers TL - T120C Lin is a domestic leading technology, the fastest roof box filling equipment, can accommodate 70 x70 standard carton, also can correspond to 57 x57 slim carton; Standard carton filling capacity of 12000 boxes/hour, filling quantity from 180 ml to 1030 ml is adjustable; Slim carton highest capacity of 14000 boxes/hour, filling quantity adjustable from 150 ml to 515 ml. Different carton specifications automatic switch, a key in the touch screen is complete, convenient and fast. Carton filler of main drive, paper carton conveyor chain drives, filling and filling in, and the lid supply drive use servo motor drive, control accuracy is more accurate, more convenient maintenance and repair. Box filling machine adopts double configuration, can produce different carton specifications, at the same time also can produce different products at the same time, also can run for single line production, stop running on another line.