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      Home > Product > Cup filling machine > In-line, paper cup filling machine high speed can reach 40000 cup/hour

      In-line, paper cup filling machine high speed can reach 40000 cup/hour

      Features:Towers Lin TLF - 10 fd is A domestic leading technology 20000 cups of filling equipment, different height of the cup to realize automatic switching, master template driven, glass vacuum lifting, filling drive A, B, discharge lifting, discharge catch cup lifting, moving discharge level using 7 sets of mitsubishi J4 series high-performance servo system, the motion control module, achieve full servo linkage. Servo motor module use successfully in the filling machine, makes the machine performance of the towers Lin greatly leading industry. This machine can do plastic cups, paper cups, paper cups, adapt to the cup 59-95 - mm diameter, height of 50-130 - mm, filling quantity of 50-300 free switch, filling accuracy of plus or minus 1 ml. Filling can be pasteurized milk, stir yogurt, yogurt with pulp mixing type, solidifying yogurt and lactic acid bacteria beverages, fruit diameter of 15 mm. Filling adopts servo drive, can online adjust the filling quantity of production process, the accuracy of 0.1 mm.
      In order to adapt to the needs of different customers using the product diversity, towers Lin technology team on the basis of the existing inline cup machine for different container size cups a key switch function, and this technology has the exclusive patented technology, the size of a cup of a key switch, can use different container within different templates, each type of template ordinal interval set corresponding to the distance, the present invention patent technology has solved the different containers compatible to use it on a straight cup, replacement time is short, the production more convenient.
          For the continuation of the security products have the shelf life, towers equipment in container sterilization link can add UV sterilization, strong sterilization, hydrogen peroxide spray drying, sterilization function, and can to UV and strong light sterilization of sealing membrane, to deal with because of factors such as production, logistics, transport, storage of product shelf life shortened, unable to meet the market demand. To maximize production efficiency, corporate profits.