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      2022 the 14th Shanghai international food machinery and packaging technology exhibition

      Time: on November 24, 2022-26, location: national conference and exhibition center - Shanghai hongqiao

      About the CIE CHINA | about CIE CHINA

      CHINA's catering industry exposition (hereinafter referred to as CIE CHINA) is the first since the founding of new CHINA put forward the concept of food and beverage industry professional exhibitions, play to break the traditional consumption habits of food industry, catering industry leading position. Exhibits covering catering industry of the whole industry chain restaurant new ingredients, the central kitchen and integration, food packaging technology and materials, refrigeration and cold chain logistics, food and beverage retail, catering chain and so on six big plate. Food packaging technology and materials is an important sector, a food and beverage industry to ensure the health and safety of food catering industry. With the improvement of people on diet culture and hotel, restaurant and other catering business, to the prosperity of quality and safety problems of food and beverage are increasingly brought to the attention of the society from all walks of life, directly led to the demand of the relevant food machinery as well as China's food machinery industry market provides a valuable opportunity for development. Especially from food packaging has experienced a "package" to "packaging" and "design" of development, the evolution of the evolution of this process is not only a packaging concept, also indirectly reflects the drive current of the development of food industry, the transition of the mode of production and consumption tendency. Made a great development in recent years, China's food packaging industry, removing the packaging concept innovation, in the packaging technology, packaging equipment, packaging materials and packaging production line, packaging application, and other fields has a new growth. Food packaging is already in the process of food production in China, one of the automation and intelligent level higher link, basically to achieve the goal of liberation based on a modern machine worker hands, packaging equipment products have obtained abundant, basic can meet the demand of domestic product packaging. After the z is obviously, no matter in what form, show the development of food industry and changes in the industrial upgrading in China, it also shows that cutting-edge packaging machine equipment manufacturing enterprises in China, huge space for development in the future is promising.

        New opportunities

      Shanghai international food packaging products and materials exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: CFPE) as an important component of CIE CHINA food expo, is shouldering the food catering industry in the production, storage, heating, transportation, circulation process key link of quality guarantee, technology and materials will directly affect the food safety and quality. Exhibition after several years of accumulation and precipitation, every year hundreds of meals from global regions food product packaging industry suppliers and tens of thousands of professional buyers to attend dining areas, food and beverage and food packaging in China TTF attending church occupies very important position. Give food packaging products and materials for better enterprise to build an information platform to communicate with dining area, the host Gordon business (hereinafter referred to as: GOLDENEXPO) will continue to use of CIE CHINA food expo platform to promote Chinese restaurant food packaging technology and the development of material industry. Therefore, "2022 China's catering industry exposition and the 14th Shanghai international food packaging technology and materials exhibition is scheduled for November 24, 2022-26, held in national conference and exhibition center, Shanghai hongqiao to continue, there will be from global tens of thousands of food and beverage and food in the field of professional buyers attending, through the form of face-to-face communication, the exhibition to promote friendship, supply and demand to promote win-win cooperation of both sides.

      Exhibit categories:

      Food packaging machinery, packaging and printing machinery, packaging machinery, vacuum packaging machine, molding, filling, sealing machine, labeling machine, strapping and container machinery, cleaning (washing bottle, the box), packaging container manufacturing machinery and packaging materials processing machinery, packaging materials, etc.

      Packaging materials: BOPP, PE, PET, PVC, PP, all kinds of composite materials, metal materials, paper material, glass material, anti-counterfeiting materials, and a variety of materials and products;

      Meat processing and testing: livestock and poultry slaughtering equipment, meat products, packaging equipment, meat products processing equipment and technology, product inspection and testing equipment, meat meat products sterilization of health equipment, canned aquatic products processing equipment and processing equipment, meat products, refrigerated and frozen equipment, terminal sales of heat preservation and storage equipment, meat products, meat food refrigerated transport vehicles and equipment quality and safety traceability system products and technology, meat food certification, etc.

      Food processing machinery, all kinds of machining, pastry food processing soft drinks, candy, machining, soy products, fruit and vegetable processing, deep processing of dairy products processing, processing, oil, grease additives, convenient food processing, grain processing, cooking equipment, sorting and cleaning machinery, grinding and classification is homogenized mixing machinery, food machinery, food machine, food enrichment equipment, food machinery of desiccation and sterilization baked, Fried food machinery and food machinery, etc.

      Other related: spurt the code machine, testing equipment, transmission machinery, weighing equipment, accessories and so on.

      Warm prompt: by reason of the outbreak, the please confirm with the organizers before the time and place, to avoid unnecessary losses!