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      首頁 > News >Guangzhou international food processing and packaging machinery and equipment exhibition
      Guangzhou international food processing and packaging machinery and equipment exhibition (IFPE) sponsored by guangdong food and packing machinery industry association to guide, after many years of accumulation and development, has become a collection of food production, processing, packaging, food merchants in the integration of whole industry chain industry brand. IFPE and guangzhou international health industry expo (IHE China big health exhibition) held, will jointly build an industry technical exchanges, promote cooperation, expand upstream and downstream trade, improve the high quality brand and enterprise business platform. Exhibits category filling food processing machinery drying equipment, sterilization equipment, transportation equipment, separation enrichment equipment, fermentation equipment, sorting equipment, heat exchange equipment, refrigeration equipment, fruit and vegetable production equipment, beverage processing equipment, biscuits, processing equipment, dairy equipment, candy and chocolate, meat processing equipment, bean products, homogenizer, leisure food, equipment and other processing equipment, such as food packaging bag making machine, packaging machine, filling machine, bottle blowing machine, vertical packaging machine, pillow packing machine, sealing machine, wrapping package machinery, machinery, printing machinery, packaging products, sealing equipment, food packaging materials such as food and beverage machinery drink mix, filling, sealing, water treatment equipment, fruit juice beverage machinery, mineral water production line, beverage filling machine packaging materials such as metal packaging, plastic packaging, flexible packaging, paper packaging, wood packaging, packaging cans and other supporting equipment automation system, robot, stacker crane, electromagnetic valve, bearing, industrial belt, chain, pumps, valves, sensors, sanitary stainless steel tubes, rubber seal products, ozone generator, weighing equipment, industrial cleaning, testing equipment, industrial packaging such as purification equipment, filtration separation, intaglio and letterpress printing bar code printing machine, rotary, flexo, screen printing, transfer printing, hot stamping, inkjet code, tag, composite, coating machinery installation schedule 】 【 time: June 14-15, 2022, the exhibition time: June 16 to 18, 2022 move-in time: June 18, 2022