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      PET bottle filling machine high speed up to 15000 bottles/hour

      Features:Towers Lin TLF - 08 b filling machine is a leading domestic in-line SuPing filling machine, stable and reliable performance, with 16 sets of servo control system, controlled by the electronic CAM motion module, guaranteed the smooth start and stop the action of equipment, greatly improving the control performance of the equipment. This equipment adopts servo position into the bottle, vacuum and adsorption whereabouts for bottle, placed a container inside the fixed bottle slots. Different from other domestic manufacturers, is TuoPing bottom technique, can satisfy the customer requirements of different bottle type, strong compatibility, under the condition of invariable in the bottle, can quickly switch varieties, the use of quick and convenient. According to the requirements of different equipment capacity, configurable mechanism, sterile air duct to send bottles, to maximize the production efficiency.
      Perfusion system touch screen a key switch, can choose one-way valve or valve filling different kinds of milk, stir filling can be pasteurized milk, yoghurt, such as solidifying yoghurt, perfusion accuracy within 1%, servo drive filling, filling precision fine-tuning the columns, in order to adapt to the diversity of products, also you can add a system configuration fruit grain of online add fruit jam; Convenient and reliable supply system USES lift principle covering machine, different from the mechanical agitation and shock type cap cut way. Cap after UV/light sterilization, into the storehouse, mixed points cover. Take cover, screw cap elevator servo drive, the completion of high precision screw cap. Comparison with screw cap detection function, bottle detection function. The machine can adapt to 200-900 ml capacity filling, PET, HDPE and PP bottles can be used on the machine.
      For the continuation of the security products have the shelf life, towers Lin equipment in container sterilization link add UV sterilization, strong sterilization, hydrogen peroxide spray drying, sterilization function, and to deal with because of factors such as production, logistics, transport, storage of product shelf life shortened, unable to meet the market demand. To maximize production efficiency, corporate profits.